The results of DG REGIO´s EU-wide public consultation on current cross-border cooperation obstacles and on possible solutions are now available. 

This public consultation has been organised in the framework of Cross Boarder Review, an initiative of the DG Regio that aims to study the current status of cooperation among boarders.  

According to the extensive public consultation  -that run from 21 September to 21 December 2015 and received 623 replies from both internal EU border regions as well as border regions encompassing regions in EU countries and EFTA/EEA countries-  the main issues are:
    1. legal and administrative barriers (lack of recognition of qualifications, differences in social security,           pension and taxation systems),
    2. language barriers
    3. difficult physical access (lack of infrastructures and of integrated public transport systems),
    4. lack of cooperation between public authorities on cross-border issues,
    5. economic disparities (differences in the labour market and wages, creating asymmetric flows).

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