LOS_DAMA! - the Alpine Space project which enhances the green infrastructures in Alpine cities - has been selected among about 200 projects as a finalist in the RegioStars awards category: Connecting green, blue and grey.

LOS_DAMA! was featured on 09 October at the RegioStars awards ceremony as one of the most innovative regional projects. 

Regiostars winners, finalists and jury members (from the left: Franziska Drasdo - LOS_DAMA! project manager, Marc Lemaître - Director-General, Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy, Julia Chenut - communication manager, Alpine Space programme)

"LOS_DAMA! offers a unique and great opportunity to raise regional cooperation to a very important political level, and a growing city like Munich definitely needs to work closely with the region in terms of landscape and open space development." Susanne Hutter-von-Knorring, Head of Green Planning, City of Munich


As cities such as Munich continue to transform and grow, urban sprawl becomes an increasing problem, threatening open and green spaces. Areas for recreation or agriculture are lost, important animal habitats destroyed, and bogs may dry up, which in turn contributes to climate change. Preventing the loss of green areas and their special qualities presents a coordination challenge involving multiple cities, communes and regions. Without shared objectives and coordinated plans, safeguarding landscapes and enhancing green areas is next to impossible.

To overcome this challenge, the Alpine Space project LOS_DAMA! is bringing together city-regional stakeholders with the aim of protecting liveable open spaces while also connecting people and green spaces throughout the region. The result is an increase in awareness amongst the public about the importance of protecting and managing the peri-urban and often agricultural landscapes in and around major Alpine metropolitan areas.