Representatives from the Alpine regions along the most affected transit corridors Brenner, Gotthard, Mont Blanc and Fréjus  agreed to continue the cooperation in the frame of iMONITRAF! for the next two years. 

After having agreed on core elements for harmonising and improving existing pricing approaches for road freight transport, they will focus on the implementation of the regional Toll Plus proposal. 

The cooperation among these Alpine regions started in 2009 with the co-funding of the iMonitraf! project by the Alpine Space programme. Since then, and beyond the end of the co-funding in 2012, the partners met and worked together on common strategies for transport in the Alps. 

During their meeting in Lucerne on 2 November 2016, political representatives of the most affected transit regions have again demonstrated their solidarity and their willingness to implement a harmonised approach. They have agreed to continue the cooperation for two more years, with a clear focus on finding broader support for the Toll Plus proposal – especially at European and national level which will be necessary for implementation. At European level, the revision of the relevant framework – the Eurovignette Directive – has been launched in summer 2016 and the iMONITRAF! network will actively lobby towards the consideration of the Toll Plus proposal in this revision process.

The resolution is available in German, French and Italian here.